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    CrossBlade™ Training Fins are multi-purpose training fins designed to elevate your swim.

    Showcasing an intermediate blade length, the LFCROSS combines the attributes of both short and long blade fins, increasing tempo and speed while still offering resistance to build leg power and improve technique. Showcasing soft rubber foot pockets, the CrossBlade Fins conform to the foot, ensuring a secure comfortable fit swim after swim.

    Perfect for race-pace training, the CrossBlade Fins allow you to maintain arm and kick tempo at higher speeds, imitating race-speeds in practice.

    Color Coded Sizing for easy identification:

    • XXS (Kid's Shoe 1-3) - Purple
    • XS (Men's Shoe 3-5 , Women's 4.5-6.5) - Orange
    • S (Men's Shoe 5-7 , Women's 6.5-8.5) - Green
    • M (Men's Shoe 7-9 , Women's 8.5-10.5) - Yellow
    • L (Men's Shoe 9-11 , Women's 10.5-12.5) - Red
    • XL (Men's Shoe 11-13 , Women's 12.5-14.5) - Dark Gray
    • XXL (Men's Shoe 13-15 , Women's 14.5+) - Light Gray

    * Please Note: If your shoe size straddles two sizes, we recommend sizing up.

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    TYR's versatile SplitFin™ Training Fin looks different because it is different. Unlike conventional fins that force the foot to push water in a flat plane, much like an old paddlewheel, the unique split blades slice through the water with two winged surfaces, creating lift and forward propulsion much like a propeller. SplitFin™ operates more efficiently than 'paddle' bladed fins by mimicking a user's natural kicking cadence. This ensures a more even distribution of resistance during the upswing and down thrust motions of the kicking cycle, working both muscle groups equally to help build leg strength and power output.

    The SplitFin™ functions optimally with a tighter, higher frequency kick for maximum performance power and speed training benefit. This type of kick simulates the natural 'turnover' rate an athlete can only achieve at race pace. The unique, flexible split blade allows sustained intense training over the course of your workout and helps reduce the ankle strain, fatigue and cramping often associated with the use of conventional 'paddle' fins.


    • XXS, Purple: Shoe Size 1-2
    • XS, Orange: Shoe Size 3-4
    • S, Green: Shoe Size 5-6
    • M, Yellow: Shoe Size 6-7
    • L, Red: Shoe Size 8-9
    • XL, Blue: Shoe Size 10-11
    • XXL, Smoke: Shoe Size 12-13
    • XXXL, Clear: Shoe Size 13-14
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    Train hard, train smart with TYR Stryker Silicone Fins.

    Engineered to promote short, quick movement through the legs and the feet, the LFSTRKR fins help swimmers to create the natural flow of a flutter kick. With a 100% silicone construction and state-of-the-art comfort fit, the Stryker prevents athletes from feeling restricted as they move. In addition this short blade training fin comes in a variety of color and size options, making it an ideal choice for swimmers at every level.

    Color Coded Sizing for easy identification:

    • S (Men's Shoe 5-6 , Women's 6.5-7.5) - Orange/Teal/Yellow/Clear
    • M (Men's Shoe 6-7 , Women's 7.5-8.5) - Blue/Yellow/Clear
    • L (Men's Shoe 8-9 , Women's 9.5-10.5) - Orange/Blue/Clear
    • XL (Men's Shoe 10-11 , Women's 11.5-12.5) - Navy/Red/Clear
    • XXL (Men's Shoe 12-13 , Women's 13.5-14.5) - Blue/Navy/Clear

    * Please Note: For female equivalent, size down 1-2 sizes.

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