TYR UK Club Support Program

What is the Club Support Program?

The TYR UK Club Support Program is a ‘Club Teamwear buying program with benefits

How does the Club benefit?

TYR UK Supply the Team wear to the Club through a dedicated Retailer, at discount and then rewards the club with 10% of the spend back with TYR product for the Club to use. Your swimmers and parents win with discount and the club benefits from every £1 they


Program details:

  • Minimum order £500 to join the Support program
  • 20% discount off RRP team kit order
  • 25% discount off RRP for accessories and training kit
  • 10% kick back to the Club for all TYR purchases (paid as TYR KIT) against RRP
  • Quarterly bonus vouchers payable to club if bench marks achieved
  • Dedicated team manager to help with the whole process. Design, Fitting, Order process and fulfilment
  • Local retailer used to facilitate the orders
  • On-going club discount given to the club via dedicated retailer
  • There is a secondary level dependant on spend over a year.
  • Dedicated on site fitting session with the TYR UK Team manager
  • 6-8 week maximum delivery schedule from order (currently achieving 5 weeks Mar 18)

Increased Benefit Level

If the Club was to spend over £10,000.00 on Team kit and Accessories either as an opening order or within the first 12 months then the following benefits open up:

  • Custom silicone TYR swim caps for all swimmers
  • Staff fit out supplied by TYR UK in club colours for FT staff
  • Pool banner for use with team photos, galas etc

Global brand, local service

  • TYR UK Team Manager works with a nominated Retailer of the Clubs choice
  • All supply is through the nominated retailer
  • All financial transactions are with the nominated retailer
  • TYR UK Team Manager over sees the process

TYR UK Club Support ProgramTYR UK Club Support ProgramTYR UK Club Support Program